What is Airtable?

The cliche would be to call Airtable Google sheets on steroids. I think that sells Airtable short.

I’m a fan of Airtable because it’s flexible. I’ve used it for budgeting, keeping a database of clients, project management, and tracking applications. It’s also free and cloud-based which are positives in my book. Their templates, ranging from wedding planning to advertising campaigns, show Airtable’s versatility, though so far, I have only built mine from scratch.

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It’s true you can do a lot of what Airtable does in other apps and websites, but its big advantage is how everything integrates seemlessly. Airtable is what it looks like if Google decided to let you link cells in separate files, gave you different cell types (like barcodes, checkboxes, dates, and email addresses) as default options, and combined Google forms, calendar, and drive as one app. Being able to switch the view from spreadsheet to calendar to gallery cards, all while adding a public form is a huge plus.

Give Airtable a try for yourself

Why am I talking so glowingly about Airtable? Well, it’s a cool service. They’re not sponsoring me or anything but if you sign up through one of my links Airtable credits my account so I can upgrade to the next tier. Will I ever use these credits to upgrade my account? I don’t know – The free account is plenty useful but if you’re going to sign up why not give me a small benefit while you’re at it?

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