UNL Grad Students

This week I am eagerly recommending the blogs of some of my fellow UNL grad students.

I would be remiss not to mention the original UNL grad blogger, Jason Heppler. His blogging helped convince me to begin my own blog. From his blog posts, he has published an electronic book on beginning to code, The Rubyist Historian. He is also posting reflections for our digital humanities seminar as I am.

Michelle Tiedje has recently taken her first steps into the blogosphere. Her initial posts have quite eloquently advocated for scholars to engage more with the public.

Sean Kammer is the author of another promising blog. Currently teaching at the Lewis and Clark Law College, he is blogging on legal and environmental history. His first post shares the abstract of his current research project. Recently, I have been trying to open up my own research habits and I look forward to seeing his project develop.

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