I have been thinking more about entering graduate school this year, perhaps because I am technically a new student (new to the Ph.D. program). Whatever the reason, though, one of the best resources for any new or existing graduate student is the blog GradHacker. Modeled after ProfHacker, GradHacker covers virtually every aspect of life as a graduate student with blog categories ranging from “Personal Life” to “Research” to “Software.”

The GradHacker contributors have great posts for new graduate students, like How to Read a Book (a deceptively difficult task) and Banishing Impostor Syndrome (I’m always faking it, but one day I hope to make it) in addition to more traditional first year advice entries.

Of course, GradHacker is not just for newbies. The authors cover a wide variety of other concerns of grad students such as teaching and parenting. They also post reviews (like this one on Google+).

GradHacker is a great resource for graduate students (have I mentioned that yet?). It’s blog posts are quite readable and cover a large number of topics. There are new blog posts every couple of days as well, so you will not have to wait long for something new to read. I have really only scraped the surface when it comes to reading all of GradHacker’s posts, but I am pretty sure I will keep find blog posts that are readable (clearly written and not too long) and relevant to graduate students.

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