Steve Nash’s MOOC

I’m a mediocre pick up basketball player that is in below average to poor shape. I’m not the first pick in the draft or even the first pick on the playground. Steve Nash is a two time MVP of the NBA. Steve Nash can teach you basketball better than I can……all things being equal. But things aren’t equal. Steve Nash will sell you this instructional DVD while I will walk out on a court and interact with you in person. Now if you think this is an unfair comparison, consider how many youth coaches there are teaching kids how to play basketball. How many hold practices giving instruction in person to their team? How many send the team home with a Steve Nash DVD and tell them the students can get together and practice what they learned on their own, but the coach will not be there? The fact of the matter is the MOOC model is not new. Society has rejected superstars teaching kids sports via video. If this method of instruction is not good enough to teach 10 year olds basketball why should we adapt it for college education?

One response to “Steve Nash’s MOOC”

  1. Piles of money.

    You won’t make a living teaching hoops but those DVD vendors do selling their program to eager kids. Even if you have better “outcomes.”


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