Is DH Hipster?

As a self-described digital humanist with admittedly hipster tendencies (I have a record player after all) this question may be entirely self-serving. However, I’m not the first person to put the two together, so I thought I would throw the comparison out there.

Hipsters like organic and local.
DHers like open access and open source.

Hipsters like old things (record players, typewriters, old clothing etc).
DHers like old things (especially the historians).

Hipsters like new technology (i.e. Apple products).
DHers like new technology (it’s the “digital” part).

Hipsters listen to music you’ve never heard of.
DHers have #dhmusic.

Hipsters fight over who is a hipster.
DHers fight over who is in DH.

Hipsters “tend to have obscure, intellectual or artsy college degrees” and “have a certain attitude — a blend of indifference, sleepiness and snobbery”.
DHers went to grad school. And I mean if this guy’s profile picture doesn’t epitomize a blend of indifference, sleepiness and snobbery, I don’t know what does.

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