Here are a few of my favorite posts from this blog arranged thematically:


Humanities Without Walls Reflections
My series of blog posts from my time as a Pre-Doctoral Fellow at the Humanities Without Walls Alternative Academic Workshop.

What the AHA Needs Now
My plea for better representation of alt-ac and adjunct faculty on the AHA’s Executive Committee.

Responses to the AHA’s Statement on Embargoing Dissertations
The Ivoriest Tower (where I take on William Cronon) and Still Plan B (where I question the AHA using their own words)

The Myth of Academia
A critique of academia as the “dream job” (though it’s still a great job)

Am I a historian?
Some self-reflection and questions about what it means to be a historian

Going to Grad School and What Grad Students Need
Thinking about attending (or already attending) grad school? These posts may help you out.


Respect in the Digital Age
My most famous/infamous/commented blog post, which spawned its own hashtag: #sarnackigate.

The Stupid Student Problem (Part I and Part II)
An attempt to look at the classroom from the undergraduate perspective and some thoughts on the teaching process.

Digital Humanities

Four Stages of DH
A mostly serious look at my evolving attitudes towards the digital humanities.

The DH Delusion
A reflection on writings of Evgeny Morozov and Jaron Lanier for UNL’s Digital Humanities Seminar

Open Source Scholarship
A post about opening the research process.

Is DH Hipster?
Just throwing the question out there.